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short visit

I keep trying to sit down and write, but either I can’t find the words once I’m in front of the computer, or more often, life just gets in the way (like right now).  I was hoping for some time today to just get lost and extract my thoughts for a while but that might need to wait for a few days.  I know if I don’t get something out, I’ll be high strung again by the end of the week.  I feel the thoughts starting to circle.  I felt so much better yesterday.


Why am I here?

I’ve never been able to express myself properly.  What ever is in my head never comes out in reality the same way.

I post here because I’m hoping to get the thoughts out of my head and then maybe I can focus on something worthwhile, something besides myself and my petty problems.  My life is overall ok.  Obviously there are many more people with much worse problems than me.  I shouldn’t complain but I still do.

I’m too scared to go to therapy.  I don’t have a specific problem, I don’t think.  at least not severe enough to warrant medical attention.  I’m self diagnosed social anxiety and depression, but I’m think I’m managing ok.  then  gain I am here venting to the internet…