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It hurts more to hold back the tears

Really.  My eyes feel like they’re going to explode.

So my mother decided to have a little flipout on me tonight.  why?  Because I wanted to have a social life this weekend and did not tell her far enough ahead of time.  Ugh.  The weekend is two days away and I normally don’t tell her my plans (if I have any) until the day before.  Usually it’s not a problem, but apparently she had plans for me this weekend and neglected to TELL ME.  She wants to open the pool.  I don’t understand why it needs to be done now, and why it’s ok for her to assume I’ll be around and not tell me this is what I’m supposed to be doing this weekend.  I guess I was supposed to tell her a month ago I got invited to my friends graduation party.  I was supposed to tell her I was going to a concert when I bought the tickets two months ago.  And somewhere I was supposed to tell it it’s the Boy’s birthday and I might be spending it with him.  I don’t even have official plans with the Boy.  I just told her that based on past exepriences.  I don’t tell her too far ahead of time because 1) she forgets, and 2) she is constantly stressed out about something and there is never a good segue for me bring it up.
“Oh you’re telling me about the shitty people you work with, ok I’m going to a party 3 weeks from saturday.  What? you don’t want to hear about it right now, tell you later?  ok.” There is never a good time >.<

Apparently I was supposed to know we were opening the pool because it’s memorial day weekend and “That’s when everybody opens it” according to her.  Really mom? I’m supposed to block out an entire weekend based on what the general population is doing, while you have lived your whole life trying to do the opposite?  Great.

The real reason I’m pissed is that my brother is the Golden Boy around here.  His plans change by the minute and he always seems to disappear the weekend we open the pool.  I give what I thought was ample notice and it’s considered a personal attack on my mother, because she decided to get all the pool supplies today and normal groceries for the weekend.  “Why did I waste all this money if you’re not going to be here?  I don’t have any money.  You could have told me me before I went shopping!” (I didn’t know she was going shopping.  I just I was just “supposed” to know)

Yep, because Im going to be with my friends for one afternoon and one evening in a 4 day span, I’m the evil bitch that walked the planet.  She doesn’t even cook for me.  If my brother is out we eat take out or snacks.  She’ll bitch about him never letting us know if he’s around for dinner until the last minute, but she never flips out like she does with me.

Anytime I try to do something with someone besides her I get the cold shoulder or a flipout.  I’m not your husband Mom.  I am not married to you.  I’m 26 and supposed to be living a life by now.  God forbid I try.


Another Perceived Rejection

Ok, so I know I’m overreacting and I really shouldn’t care about a random person on the internet, but it’s still bothering me, so I need to get this out of my system.  So there are some strict rules in this RP game I’m doing on facebook, and in order to keep playing and not risk being banned the moderator made me fill out an application with my real info and character background.  I wasn’t too thrilled to tell a random person who I was, but and sign over admin privileges to her, but I was feeling impulsive and somewhat social so I did.  I knew if I kept running away from interaction I’ll get nowhere.

Turns out the person running this international game lives in the next town over from me.  I can’t believe it, and I feel like I could actually make a friend who is also way to much into Harry Potter 🙂

Anyway, I email her my info and she responds with some more instructions and I email back ok, and mention the whole “we’re neighbors” thing.  She writes back acknowleging it’s a “small world” and that’s it.  I know she’s probably really busy with the game and hundreds of players, but I still feel like I got kinda brushed aside.  I’m sure it’s all in my head.  She probably has enough friends and a life to keep her busy and not bother with this random sad person on the internet, who joins a game where she doesn’t know anyone else playing.

Plus I get the impression from posts on the game that she’s power hungry and kind of a bitch.  She changes the rules as she goes (first the time line, then she just shut down all applications because she didn’t feel like dealing with them anymore, and finally, she posts as the moderator that characters will be killed off because the game is not fair and she “said so”.  Seriously, what a bitch.)

This is why I’m not social and my best friends are men.  I can’t stand bitchiness…