Oh hey, PMS, it’s been a while.

I actually managed to go a few months without turning in to a psychopath before my period.  Yay.  It also came way earlier than it should have each time, so I guess there wasn’t any time for PMS to kick in.  Now, I’m late again and the past 4 days have been horrible.  I’m anxious, nauseous, skittish and incredibly bitchy and mean to everyone.  It’s not intentional and I hate that I can’t control it.  My normal sarcasm and mean-in-a-fun-way has just turned to mean and angry 😦  I want both to lash out at everything and curl into a ball and hide.

I want to blame the gyno exam I had last week.  After 6 years I finally went back to my doctor for a physical and I didn’t bother arguing with the gyno stuff.  The doctor just assumed I need the tests and only after the fact did she ask if I was or ever sexually active.  It’s really difficult to answer when you want to throw up from the speculum.  Don’t they have teen sizes they could use for people like me?

I said everything was fine, since up until now, things have been.  Now if this keeps up, I’ll have to go back and somehow explain my mental issues related to PMS.  Why can’t it just be a physical problem and I could put a bandaid on it?  Why do I have to sound like a crazy person and explain the crazy.  They didn’t even believe me last time when I got anxiety and paranoia from the hormones.  At least this blog seems to document the issues I have.  I would forget month to month if I didn’t write it down.

I hope this ends soon.  I sat in front of my computer at work for a solid 6 hours and accomplished nothing.  I hate being a girl sometimes.

Oh, sorry to any boy readers.  If you wonder why a girl is randomly crazy for a few days, it’s not her fault and she hates it as much as you do.


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