PMS turns me into a sleepy bitch

Sure, growing up I could go 6-8 weeks without it and not even have PMS, but now I’m older I am like clockwork (How do I know?  I have an app on my phone to keep track.  That’s how obsessive I am).  Now every 3.5 weeks, I just get super annoyed/angry and will lash out at anyone who looks at me the wrong way.  I’m shaky and paranoid and super anxious.  I brought this up to my doctor when I first transferred to him, but he passed it off as seasonal affected disorder.  Great, I get why I’m worse in the winter, but giving it a different name does not make it go away.  I just passed out on the living room floor because I’m so exhausted.  Now I’m cold and can’t get the warmth to return to my fingers.  God, I just want to hit something but I’m too tired.  So the weekend should be fun, since my period will actually start then.  Then I’ll be incapacitated for 2 days.  My mom is sick of hearing about me whine about it, but she’ll be just as mean if I’m asleep for two days straight and not tell her.  She thinks I’m faking, so I can get out of doing things.  She doesn’t understand what I go through every month.  I’ve wanted to get a hysterectomy since I was 12, just so I wouldn’t have to go through it.  My stomach is starting to hurt already.


2 responses to “PMS turns me into a sleepy bitch

  1. I had the same problem only 10 times worse. They tried to fire me from every job that had because I had to miss two day in a row. No doctor every helped me. No meds ever worked. My mother also had it worse than me. There is a name for it now. They did a special on the news. Sometimes it’s not just pms. Depends on the symptoms so do a little digging around on the net and c what u find. Hope u feel better.

    • Thanks. I’ve heard of some syndrome that birth control pills are supposed to help, but I’ve tried that before and it made me even more anxious and paranoid. I’m sorry you have to go through this too. It’s hard to even bring up since half the population doesn’t have a clue (men).

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