Everyone knows what to do with my money but me.

I don’t have a lot of money.  Admittedly, this is a relative term, but overall, I’d say I’m middle class.  I’ve been saving everything I can since I started working, with the exception of a car and braces (desperately needed).  Now, most of my money goes to household/my brother’s bills.  that is supposed to end soon when he graduates, but we’ll see.  I was told I only needed to keep paying for a few months, until my mother started her summer job.  That never happened.

Anyway, I have almost enough saved up for a house, and more than enough to move into an apartment, but for some reason I’m not allowed to.  Since my mother is my real estate agent, I can only buy something she approves of.  The only she approves of are 10K houses in Florida and multiple family units in the area we live in.  Neither of which I’m supposed to live in.  Just income properties or a sit and wait property if talking about florida (because the prices are so cheap).  Thanks, mom, but I’d like a say in this.  Everytime I bring up moving out or buying my own house she completely ignores me or tries to “remind” me of the money I could be making with a rental income.  That’s great, but I’m starting to lose it.  I would love to have a supplemental income, but if I sink my life savings into that, I’m stuck with her for whose knows how long.

That’s been the situation for the past few years.  Now she has a new idea for me.  My grandparents are getting older and both they and her want them to live closer to us.  Great. But somehow, I got roped into this.  Now when I bring up buying my own place she tells me to just buy a place for my grandparents, and you can move in when they no longer need it (death or retirement home).  Oh, ok >.<

I’ll be 40 by the time that happens.  She was very surprised when I said that to her.  She has no idea how old I am.  Once my cat no longer needs me, I’m out.



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