Something good for once

I rarely post about the good things in my life, since there are relatively few of them, and the hell in my head makes me forget them.  With that I’d like to post about one positive change I made, which a few years ago, I probably never would have.

I moved into a new office at work.  Yes, yes, groundbreaking personal growth </sarcasm>,  It actually is a big step for me, given how much I hate change.  I always choose the devil I know.  I’ve been in the same office since I started working there 5 years ago, with the same office mate.  My office mate and I were never all that personal to each other.  I think it was just the awkwardness and differences in our personalities.  He also worked somewhat different hours than me so I had the office to myself for periods of time.  It was a decent setup, with some occasioanl inconviences, but I know I could have been in a much worse situation.

So, then my coworker, who I actually work on the same project with asked me to move into his office when his old office mate moved out.  At first I was hesitant, since I wouldn’t know how the dynamic would be.  We got along well and talked daily anyway, but I was afraid that even more social interaction would just exhaust me and put me over my limit.

He has a strong personality and likes to get things done, so I had a hard time telling him no.  I’m glad I didn’t tell him no though.  I’m actually happy going into work, knowing the person a few feet away likes me and likes talking to me.  It’s not too much interaction, and since we’re on the same project we get a bit more work done, than when we were running back and forth to each others’ office.

Also, it turns out he is the best office mate ever 🙂  He made me a cake for my birthday, bought me a light bulb for my lamp and today I came in a found a box of homemade cookies on my desk.  I picked him out a nice christmasy plant to give him tomorrow.  It’s not much in comparison, but I’m not used to gift giving acquaintances.  My social development is improving, and for once I made a positive change in my life (given a strong push, of course).


One response to “Something good for once

  1. Yay! I’m glad to hear good news…
    Thanks for sharing!

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