Everyone wants your money

I can believe the conversation I just had.  I tried to re order contacts online (as I usually do), and was told my prescription had expired.  What?  Not only did I have an eye examine last month, but was given a new prescription.  No technically, it was not a contact lens prescription, but I’ve been able to order contacts without a problem before this.  So I called my eye doctor (a hole in a strip mall, classy), and was proptly told that I denied having a contact lens fitting at my eye exam.  Yes, I didn’t think it was necessary for a fitting.  My contacts fit fine.  Just the astigmatism value changed.  So now they’re making me come in Wednesday to get a fitting.  I asked if I had to pay for a whole examine again, even though I was there a month ago.  The teenage secretary I was dealing with thought about it for a while, and by her good graces I don’t need to pay for another visit (my insurance wouldn’t cover more than one visit per year).  I only have to pay the $80 “fitting” fee.  WTF?  I’m finding a new eye doctor.  A real eye doctor.  My astigmatism value changed so much in one year, and I was reasonably concerned.  In the awkward silence that was the eye exam I asked why that would happen, age maybe?  She said “we should keep an eye on that” without even looking up.  Great, no possible reasons,  no word on if I should be worried.  I would like to find someone who can at least pretend to care about my health, especially since I’m giving them my money.

If it’s the same bitchy eye doctor then I’m sure she’s going to yell at me for not getting the fitting earlier.  Well, screw you.  I can barely afford it.  Just take my damn insurance money and leave me alone.


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